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Hallways offers experiential programming for school communities grounded in evidence-based practices and the latest research on effective prevention, social-emotional health and affluent culture. Our assessments, workshops, trainings and school consultations focus on content areas critical to student health, including perfectionism, stress, substance use, gender norms and consent.


What are the core social-emotional skills and capacities your students need to thrive?

Our student programming assesses the needs of students and responds with targeted skill-building workshops designed to promote wellbeing and prevent high-risk behaviors.

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Parents are the most influential force in the lives of youth, and our programming focuses on giving parents the tools they need to support their children and help prevent risky behaviors

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How can you best foster health and wellbeing in your school community?

Hallways offers a number of workshops and trainings for school faculty, coaches, and staff in order to deepen their understanding of the challenges facing students and build their capacity for support.

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Have questions about a specific situation or policy?

Hallways consults with schools to ensure that their policies and programs reflect best practices in prevention and are responsive to student needs.

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