Hallways Indicated Prevention Program: A Resource for Navigating Adolescence

Hallways has been a resource for the Independent School Community in New York City for over 30 years. Through the years, we have evolved to ensure that we are providing our school partners with the most up-to-date, evidence-based, prevention services. Time and time again, we have worked with School Psychologists, advisors, administrators and parents struggling with how to prevent and address high-risk behaviors involving substances.

The Hallways Indicated Prevention Program (HIPP) was developed specifically to prevent and address early alcohol and drug use and experimentation, complementing our existing prevention work in the classrooms to provide school partners and families with a whole continuum of preventive care.

School personnel and caregivers can become aware of a young person’s substance use in many ways: a young person may arrive at a school event intoxicated, a parent or caregiver may find paraphernalia in their child’s room, or a school advisor may become aware of rumors that a young person is using on the weekends. In all of these instances, determining the best response is predicated on current levels of substance use, overall mental health, and environmental supports and stressors.

This is where HIPP comes in. We perform a thorough substance use and mental health screening using evidence-based assessment tools, clinical interviews, and lab-tested urinalysis. By doing so, we are able to see a young person’s functioning with a wide-angle lens to determine what supports are needed. Early substance use can be indicative of many things besides a substance use disorder and we want to make sure we identify and address them.

We determine not only the risk or presence of a substance use disorder, we can also identify underlying mental health disorders or environmental stressors such as family stressors, relational pressures, or academic struggles. By knowing what is really going on in a young person’s world, we are best equipped to provide families and schools further recommendations for services at Hallways, at school or through another provider.

Once a young person’s substance use is identified, proactive intervention is needed. HIPP can provide schools and families a blueprint of what to do next, so that adolescent experimentation does not escalate to substance addiction.

Katherine Prudente, MA, RDT, LCAT is Hallways’ Program Manager, Indicated Prevention, responsible for assisting schools and families when there is a young person engaging in risky substance use.  

After 30 years of serving the Independent School community in the New York City area, the board of Freedom Institute has reached the difficult decision to close Hallways and thereby end the organization's prevention programming due to its financial unsustainability. 


Hallways’ accomplishments are community accomplishments. Thank you to our many partner schools for their years of investment and dedication to our important work. Thank you to all the parents and community partners who have attended our talks, hosted events, and advocated for social-emotional learning in your schools. Thank you to the students, who showed up with vulnerability in our workshops and allowed us to learn and grow from sharing their realities with us. And finally, thank you to the Hallways team members, past and present, for all the passion, humor, thoughtfulness, and creativity you have all brought over the years. 


We are thrilled to continue the sale of  From the Inside Out: The Hallways Handbook For Raising Emotionally Healthy Adolescents

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