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Hallways partners with students, parents, and educators to prevent high-risk behaviors and promote social-emotional wellbeing in high-achieving school communities.

Because young people in these communities are part of an unrecognized, at-risk population, we seek to engage and educate school communities about ways to elevate young people's social-emotional needs and capacities. We aim to identify and address the specific risk and protective factors facing young people in high-achieving, elite school settings in order to help them develop into healthy, caring, connected adults.

Attend an Event

Learn more about these important issues. Hallways frequently hosts events for parents and educators to raise awareness about effective prevention and provide teach the strategies, tips, and skills that adults need to support youth.

To find out about attending an upcoming event, view our events calendar here.

Host a Workshop

The more that parents can get on the same page as one other, the better support networks that our kids have available to them. Bring the conversation to your parent group or network through our in-home and community-based workshops. Topics range from how to raise emotionally healthy adolescents in independent schools to how to talk to young children about consent.

For more information on bringing Hallways to your organization, click here.

For a list of our current At-Home Parent Workshops, click here.

Bring Hallways to Your School

Are you interested in bringing Hallways' programming to your school community? We have research-based offerings tailored to support youth, educators and parents in high-achieving schools.

To explore our various workshops and trainings to determine what's right for you, click here or email

Join the Parent Action Committee

As Hallways works to cultivate a community of parents who are committed to centering their children's social and emotional wellbeing, we are seeking visionary and action-oriented parents to join our Parent Action Committee and support this critical work in a variety of ways.

To learn more, fill out our Parent Action Committee Interest Form or contact Rachel Henes, Director of Hallways, at


At Hallways, we are committed to doing high-quality, innovative work that addresses the unique challenges faced by the young people we work with. In order to achieve that goal, we depend on the support of parents and community members.

To donate to Hallways today, click here. Hallways is a program of Freedom Institute, a registered 501(c)(3).

After 30 years of serving the Independent School community in the New York City area, the board of Freedom Institute has reached the difficult decision to close Hallways and thereby end the organization's prevention programming due to its financial unsustainability. 


Hallways’ accomplishments are community accomplishments. Thank you to our many partner schools for their years of investment and dedication to our important work. Thank you to all the parents and community partners who have attended our talks, hosted events, and advocated for social-emotional learning in your schools. Thank you to the students, who showed up with vulnerability in our workshops and allowed us to learn and grow from sharing their realities with us. And finally, thank you to the Hallways team members, past and present, for all the passion, humor, thoughtfulness, and creativity you have all brought over the years. 


We are thrilled to continue the sale of  From the Inside Out: The Hallways Handbook For Raising Emotionally Healthy Adolescents

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