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"Parents and educators faced with the challenge of helping teens navigate an increasingly complex landscape will find clarity and guidance in this handbook. I highly recommend it."                          - James Steyer, CEO and Founder, Common Sense Media

From the Inside Out: The Hallways Handbook for Raising Emotionally Healthy Adolescents combines the latest information on topics from perfectionism to vaping to consent with critical new research on the impact of high-achieving, affluent school settings on youth development. With insights from Hallways' over 30 years of experience in the field, From the Inside Out offers parents and educators effective prevention strategies for facing tough issues and raising emotionally healthy, compassionate, connected young people. 

"This book is unbelievably comprehensive, well-written, easy to read, and chock-full of everything I’ve ever learned from Hallways! It should be read by parents of kids in affluent communities everywhere. I want to buy copies for everyone I know!"                - Ilana C. Laurence, Dean of Student Life, Grace Church School

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