Research has found time and again that parents who support their children’s self-worth through the development of supportive, warm, and non-contingent relationships reduce their risk for a number of negative outcomes and enhance their well-being and academic achievement.

Hallways parent workshops translate these findings into community-specific tips and strategies that are relevant for all ages of children and adolescents. We have the most up-to-date information on topics ranging from vaping to consent, as well as firsthand knowledge of kids’ concerns based on our work in independent schools throughout the community. Our presentations provide parents with information and strategies to navigate complicated issues and support their children in developing the skills they need to make healthy choices. 

Our parent talks are offered on-site at Hallways and through our partnership with schools. We also offer at-home and at-work sessions for parent groups.

Foundational Parent Workshop Series

This three-part series takes a deep dive into understanding the unique challenges of adolescence in affluent, high-achieving environments and the essential role of social-emotional health. The series is offered on-site at Hallways and through our school partners. The topics that we explore are:

  • Challenging Perfectionism

  • Promoting Social and Emotional Health at Home

  • Having Courageous Conversations with Your Child

Stand Alone Parent Workshops

These workshops offer parents a chance to hear what the experts say about prevention, explore the nuances of an issue, and learn tools and tips for fostering open communication and healthy development. Topics include:

  • Raising Emotionally Healthy Children in Independent Schools

  • Understanding Vaping: Approaching your Child with Calm, Compassion and Curiosity

  • Talking About Consent with Adolescents

  • Teaching Consent to Young Children

  • Raising Healthy, Happy Boys​

Parent Resource Guide

Looking for ways to stay grounded in your parenting once you've completed our workshops, or even if you haven't attended a Hallways event?

From the Inside Out: The Hallways Handbook for Raising Emotionally Healthy Adolescents can be your guide as you help your children navigate the challenges of childhood and adolescence. From the Inside Out presents effective strategies, based on cutting edge prevention research and Hallways decades of experience to help raise happy, healthy children.

Parent-Teen Fishbowls
These highly impactful programs bring students and parents together in small groups with facilitators to reflect on critical questions about substance use and social-emotional wellness, fostering open communication and shedding light on student realities.

To learn more about our parent programming, view our full list of Parent Services or contact us at

Parent Programming

  • Interactive Parent Workshops

  • 3-Part Parent Workshop Series

  • The Hallways Handbook

  • Parent - Teen Fishbowl Dialogues


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