Faculty do much more than teach academics. Hallways prevention workshops and trainings build faculty capacity to handle other issues that show up in the classroom, in advisory periods, and other school settings. We provide educators with information and strategies so that they are prepared to support the social-emotional health of students and foster a positive classroom and school environment. 

Beyond the Classroom: The Hallways Educator Workshop Series

Hallways’ three-part workshop series is designed to build capacity for school faculty and staff to support students’ social-emotional health and wellbeing. This workshop provides critical information about the risk factors often inherent in high-achieving schools and allows faculty and staff to explore how these risk factors and other stressors can amplify experiences of anxiety and depression for their students. Through research, scenario work and case studies, this training empowers educators to assess and respond to the inevitable social and emotional challenges that arise for young people over the course of the school year. The series focus on three main topics:

  • Adolescent Social-Emotional Health in Independent Schools: What Educators Need to Know 

  • Promoting Health and Preventing Harmful Behaviors in Our School Community 

  • Understanding and Responding to High-Risk Behaviors in Teens

Capacity Building Workshops for Educators

In addition to our workshop series, Hallways supports school staff and faculty with information and strategies related to specific current topics. Topics include:

  • Understanding and Preventing High-Risk Behavior in Adolescents

  • Understanding Vaping: Approaching Students with Curiosity and Compassion

  • Challenging Perfectionism and Embracing Mistakes at School

  • Promoting Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Strategic Prevention Framework for Advisors and Health Educators

  • Consent Education and Sexual Violence Prevention

Hallways Handbook

While our interactive workshops and fishbowls are deeply impactful, we know how important it is to have a guide that you can go back to in challenging moments, or even when you just need to be reminded of the strategies that work for supporting young people as they navigate adolescence. From the Inside Out: The Hallways Handbook for Raising Emotionally Healthy Adolescents provides educators with information and research to better understand the needs and realities of the young people in their communities. 

To learn more about our faculty programming, view our full list of Faculty Services or contact us at info@hallways.org.

Faculty Programming

  • Social-Emotional Heath and Subtance Use Prevention Workshops

  • Comprehensive Consent Education Trainings

  • The Hallways Handbook

After 30 years of serving the Independent School community in the New York City area, the board of Freedom Institute has reached the difficult decision to close Hallways and thereby end the organization's prevention programming due to its financial unsustainability. 


Hallways’ accomplishments are community accomplishments. Thank you to our many partner schools for their years of investment and dedication to our important work. Thank you to all the parents and community partners who have attended our talks, hosted events, and advocated for social-emotional learning in your schools. Thank you to the students, who showed up with vulnerability in our workshops and allowed us to learn and grow from sharing their realities with us. And finally, thank you to the Hallways team members, past and present, for all the passion, humor, thoughtfulness, and creativity you have all brought over the years. 


We are thrilled to continue the sale of  From the Inside Out: The Hallways Handbook For Raising Emotionally Healthy Adolescents

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