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Handbook Excerpt: Positive Communication

This month, we’re sharing an excerpt from our parent and educator handbook, From the Inside Out. Want to learn more? Purchase your copy of the handbook here:  Research shows that relationships based in positivity and positive practices play an essential role in growing a young person’s self-esteem and contribute to a number of positive …

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Hallways Handbook Highlight: Fostering a Learning-Goal Orientation

In anticipation of the release of our parent and educator handbook this fall, we are sharing some brief excerpts to give you a taste of the kind of useful, research-based information and practical tips that it contains. With the start of the school year upon us, we thought it was a great time to share …

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Save the Date: Consent Education Training for School Professionals

Join us on October 10th & 11th, for our Consent Education Training, a two-day training on consent and sexual assault prevention for people who work in schools. This workshop is open to members of school communities in all roles: faculty, counselors, support staff, coaches, security, administration, and so on. We welcome anyone who is interested in deepening …

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After 30 years of serving the Independent School community in the New York City area, the board of Freedom Institute has reached the difficult decision to close Hallways and thereby end the organization's prevention programming due to its financial unsustainability. 


Hallways’ accomplishments are community accomplishments. Thank you to our many partner schools for their years of investment and dedication to our important work. Thank you to all the parents and community partners who have attended our talks, hosted events, and advocated for social-emotional learning in your schools. Thank you to the students, who showed up with vulnerability in our workshops and allowed us to learn and grow from sharing their realities with us. And finally, thank you to the Hallways team members, past and present, for all the passion, humor, thoughtfulness, and creativity you have all brought over the years. 


We are thrilled to continue the sale of  From the Inside Out: The Hallways Handbook For Raising Emotionally Healthy Adolescents

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