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Handbook Excerpt: Positive Communication

This month, we’re sharing an excerpt from our parent and educator handbook, From the Inside Out. Want to learn more? Purchase your copy of the handbook here:  Research shows that relationships based in positivity and positive practices play an essential role in growing a young person’s self-esteem and contribute to a number of positive …

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Managing Transitions

Adolescence is full of transitions – teens are moving into young adulthood, exerting their independence, forming new relationships and transforming others, and finding ways to express their beliefs and desires. While this time is full of critical gains, it’s also (unsurprisingly) volatile. Adolescents are going through an important period of self-discovery, but they are also …

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Setting Healthy Expectations for Homecoming

Homecoming events are exciting for students and kick off the fall semester social scene. All too often, however, school-sponsored Homecoming events bring up anxiety among parents and school staff due to concerns about students “pre-gaming” before arriving to school or sneaking in drugs and alcohol to school sponsored events. The dilemma that parents face – …

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Hallways Handbook Highlight: Fostering a Learning-Goal Orientation

In anticipation of the release of our parent and educator handbook this fall, we are sharing some brief excerpts to give you a taste of the kind of useful, research-based information and practical tips that it contains. With the start of the school year upon us, we thought it was a great time to share …

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Setting Good Boundaries

The start of a new school year is a great time for families and educators to reestablish norms and behavioral expectations for young people. Often, summers are a time when youth, especially adolescents, are more self-directed. Schedules, curfews, and the general boundaries that get set to guide youth often change and become looser during the …

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Supporting Your Child Through College Applications

Ah, College Application Season. The moment your child has ostensibly been working toward for the past 13 years at school.  It’s time to let all of those extracurricular activities, leadership positions, grades, teacher recommendations, standardized test scores and admissions essays shine! It’s an exciting time! And, an extraordinarily stressful time. Below are some tips for …

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