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"I want to personally thank Hallways for your unwavering swift responses, expertise and outreach in all of our collaborations. School-wide, our partnership is incredibly helpful, the resources abundant, and community support tremendous. I am truly appreciative for Hallways' invaluable guidance and recommendations that have helped created meaningful changes and proactive responses to how we ensure the health, safety, wellness and success of all our school constituents."

Director of Counseling

"Collaborating with Hallways…has been an invaluable part of our process of creating programming to support healthy behavioral, social, and emotional norms among our students. Consulting with us on everything from preventing sexual harassment to recognizing unhealthy relationships to developing skills to resist early substance use, Hallways has consistently provided a multitude of resources for our community. I continue to be so grateful for our school’s partnership with Hallways."

Upper School Dean

"The Hallways (consent for educators) training was engaging, informative, and challenging. The team provided multiple entry points into the content, but did not shy away from pushing us to participate in difficult conversations and meaningful self-reflection. Sexual consent was not simply analyzed as a discrete topic, but rather was grounded in the context of gender norms, power dynamics, and each of our personal histories. I would highly recommend this experience for educators, school leaders, or anyone looking to better understand their role in and potential impact on this critical work."

Head of Middle School

"This (consent for educators) training is thoughtfully designed and wonderfully executed. I can't imagine a better approach to this work in such a relatively short period of time. I'm confident my school community will benefit from our participation in this training."

Head of Upper School

"For me the most powerful component of the Hallways Gender and Consent training was the work regarding men and boys. To deconstruct the molds that not only constrict the male gender but most others is a moving effort and world changing work. I hope to bring an understanding to my personal life, and to my work with children, that boys are not men, that men can cry, and that there is no positivity in brotherhood that is misogynistic or patriarchal."

Assistant to the Headmaster

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